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2023 South African Insurance Sentiment Index

The South African Insurance
Sentiment Index


  • Key metrics:

  • 16.1%

    Industry Net Sentiment

  • 73.3%

    Net Sentiment top performer: MiWay

  • 43.8%

    Highest reputational Net Sentiment: Momentum

For the third consecutive year, DataEQ has partnered with PwC to benchmark consumer sentiment on social media amongst 15 of South Africa’s major insurers

This year’s index tracked over 530,000 public non-enterprise posts across Twitter, Hellopeter and other online sources for the period of 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023.

The insurance industry has set the benchmark for Net Sentiment with a ranking of 16.1%, outperforming banking (9.4%), retail (3.3%), and telecommunications (-14.0%), making it SA’s most liked industry. An increase in Hellopeter compliments along with educational campaigns and clever use of social media drove positive sentiment in some insurers.

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